Porous Metal Filters and Flow Restrictors

NEW: 1.5 nm (0.0015 µm) particle filter efficiency available now

GasShield point-of-use filters are available in over 20 standard designs, constructed of 316L stainless steel, nickel, or Hastelloy C-22, and rated for flows up to 600 slpm and inlet pressures as high as 5000 psig.

When high flow is a high priority, GasShield PENTA® point-of-use filters is the ideal solution. PENTA filter elements are constructed from high-flow nickel media that combines true 9-log filtration with a high flow and low delta-P - in compact housings as small as 3.31" long.

Like their point-of-use counterparts, GasShield bulk and utility filters are made to last, offering reliable main-line filtration for years. Designed to accommodate flows from 1000 slpm to 25,000 slpm, GasShield bulk filters are available with 316L stainless steel or nickel filter elements. Additional bulk designs can be provided for applications involving higher pressures or highly corrosive gases.

We also offer High Purity Flow Restrictors, in which porous metal filter elements are designed into double-male face seal fittings to provide consistent, long-lasting, wear- and plug-resistant flow control - with a minimal footprint to conserve space.

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