H2scan HY-ALERTA™ - H2 Sensors

Monitoring and Measuring of Hydrogen
H2scan's HY-ALERTA™ family of hydrogen specific area monitors detect hydrogen in air. The unique solid state, non-consumable sensor technology provides real-time continuous hydrogen monitoring with no cross-sensitivity to other gases in the environment, particularly other combustibles. No reference gases are required to reliably and accurately indicate the presence of hydrogen with fast response times.
Specifications and Benefits:
  • Absolute reliable
  • Wide range of hydrogen detection
  • Lows costs per life cycle
  • Works with air, oxygen or inert gases
  • Easy to install and to handle
  • No deterioration after some time
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • No consumable hardware
  • No cross-sensibility to other imflammable gases
  • On-place configuration
  • No risk of poisoning
  • No saturation with hydrogen

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