GasShield® PENTA® Filters

GasShield PENTA point-of-use filters offer the high flow and low delta-P of Teflon«, but with a 100% nickel filter element. This design has also reduced filter element surface area, which results in lower levels of moisture and hydrocarbons. So now you can get flows over 450 slpm with a delta-P of 2 psid at system pressures of 90 psig without having to worry about media migration or the annual change-outs associated with Teflon«.
Space consumption carries a high price in a gas panel. And chances are, you have some designs that just won't accommodate larger filters - no matter how well they perform, or how long they last. The good news is, GasShield PENTA filters are offered in industry-standard sizes as short as 3.31". Our PENTA Hiflow™ filters offer the highest flow per footprint of any metal filter in the industry.
So now you can make the switch from Teflon« to Mott metal without having to move lines or make other adjustments. Simply out with the old, and in with Mott all-metal filters.
Cost of ownership
If all filters were created equal, finding the best deal would be easy. You'd just look at the price tag. But all filters aren't created equal. Some last longer than others. And some perform better than others in normal and abnormal conditions.
Teflon« filters, though attractively priced, are short-lived. Their manufac-turers recommend changing them out every year. GasShield PENTA filters, on the other hand, are guaranteed to last for five years. So when it comes to total cost of ownership, PENTA filters should cost no more - and in most cases, will cost less - than the competition.
And that's just when you consider product costs. Factor in the savings in labor by eliminating a few filter change-outs and reduced process downtime, and PENTA filters offer an even better value. Plus, you're buying a new level of reassurance. With PENTA filters installed, you have a point-of-use filtration system that can tolerate an unusually high pressure pulse, and still keep particles from reaching downstream process components and product. The best insurance available.
GasShield® PENTA® Filters

GasShield® PENTA® Filters   GasShield® PENTA® Filters
PENTA filter elements constructed of 100% nickel media contain less surface area, which minimizes levels of moisture and hydrocarbons while maximizing flow.
Consistent operation under challenging conditions
  • 9 log reduction value - Greater than 99.9999999% removal of all particles down to 0.003μm; confirmed at the most penetrating particle size of 0.08μm
  • Unsurpassed strength - Mott porous metal gives GasShield filters the strength to withstand temperatures to 450íC, and pressures to 3750 psig - offering resistance to harsh conditions, and the greatest peace of mind against disaster
  • No media migration - Mott media is held together by solid-state diffusion bonding, a type of molecular adhesion that prevents particles from breaking loose from the media and entering the gas stream
Rugged, high-quality construction
  • 5 Ra surface finish on all internal hardware components
  • Our nickel media is sintered with no binders or slurry so "the only material of construction of the media is the media."
  • Filter element is designed to provide required flow at minimal pressure drop while minimizing surface area to provide virtually zero out-gassing.
  • All-welded construction eliminates out-gassing which accompanies polymeric filters.
  • Housings of 316L VAR/electropolished stainless steel
Clean start-to-finish packaging
  • Preconditioned with clean dry nitrogen
  • Class 100 clean room manufactured and packaged. Multiple bags to ensure dryness
  • Packaging is designed to maintain the purity of the filter prior to installation

GasShield® PENTA®-MV

This all-metal filter design has the industry's smallest interior volume, minimizing purge- down time by removing any dead space within the device which might entrap moisture, particles or other contaminants. More durable than polymer-membrane products, the PENTA-MV employs a nickel filter element that ensures durable per- formance for equipment - including gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes and process tools. The filter housing is manufactured from a single, solid piece of bar stock, eliminating weld-area leaks and corrosion, resulting in the cleanest housing of any available filter product. The single-element weld also yields the smallest weld surface in the industry and makes the PENTA-MV cost- competitive with Teflon«-type filters.
  • Hiflow nickel filter media
  • Fast drydown and purge time
  • Flow rates up to 15 slpm @ 9 LRV
  • No housing welds
GasShield® PENTA®-MV

GasShield® PENTA® Point-of-Use Gas Filters

  • High-strength nickel filter media
  • High flow rates - small footprint
  • Flow rates up to 75 slpm @ 9 LRV
  • Reliable performance
GasShield® PENTA® Point-of-Use Gas Filters

GasShield® PENTA Hiflow™ Gas Filters

  • Next generation in nickel media
  • More open structure with higher mechanical strength
  • Flow rates up to 600 slpm @ 9 LRV
  • Small diameters simplify panel designs
GasShield® PENTA Hiflow™ Gas Filters

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