GasShield® POU Filters

For maximum filtration efficiency, strength and reliability, the GasShield POU filter line is the industry's first and still largest collection of all-metal filters. Which means Mott offers the greatest assurance of having the precise filter you require - whether it's Hastelloy® C-22 to withstand corrosive gases, or our latest high-flow innovations...nickel-based Sentry and all-stainless Defender POU filters.
Key GasShield POU features include:
9 log reduction value
  • Greater than 99.9999999% removal of all particles down to 0.003μm; confirmed at the most penetrating particle size of 0.08μm
High-performance operation
  • Operating temperatures up to 450°C (inert gas)
  • Able to withstand 1000 psi differential (69 bar) pressure @ 20°C
  • All units are He leak-tested to a maximum 1 x 10-9 atm cc/sec
  • Parts per trillion dry down achievable
  • >1 trillion particles retained at the rated flow with zero particles detected downstream of tested filters
  • Particle shedding of <1 particle/ft3 in accordance with SEMASPEC 93021511A-STD
Rugged, high-quality construction
  • 5 Ra surface finish on all internal hardware components
  • Media is sintered with no binders or slurry so "the only material of construction of the media is the media."
  • inimized surface area permits required flow characteristics at >9 log particle retention.
  • Filter element is designed to provide required flow at minimal pressure drop while minimizing surface area to provide virtually zero out-gassing.
  • All-welded construction eliminates out-gassing which accompanies polymeric filters.
Materials of construction
  • Standard GasShield POU filters are offered with 316L stainless steel porous metal media in 316L VAR/ electropolished stainless steel or nickel housings
  • Mott also offers POU filters made of Hastelloy C-22 for use in corrosive gas applications such as HCI, HBr and WF6. We are the only filter supplier to the semi- conductor industry to offer filter media and housings in Hastelloy C-22
  • We also manufacture nickel filters capable of filtration at higher flow rates
Clean start-to-finish packaging
  • Preconditioned with clean dry nitrogen
  • Class 100 clean room packaged. Multiple bags to ensure dryness
  • Packaging is designed to maintain the purity of the filter prior to installation

GasShield® GasketFilter™

Fits inside 1/4" face seal fittings
  • Available in patented NanoMetal® Nickel Media
  • Complete compatibility with most process gases
  • Eliminates size constraints
  • True 0.003μm filtration
  • Ideal for flows 1 slpm and less
  • Utilize as a component protection device
  • Maximum recommended operating temperature of 450°C (inert gas)
  • Maximum differential pressure (20°C) is 1000 psid
  • Available in patented NanoMetal® Nickel Media and 316LSS

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