All-Metal Steam Filters

In most Bioprocess applications, vessels, piping and filter housings are sterilized by steamin- place (SIP) operations. Many applications also call for steam jacketing of vessels, filter housings and process lines to maintain process temperature.
The steam required to sterilize or operate these systems often contain a considerable amount of particulate in the form of rust or other pipe-scale. If contaminated by these impurities, it diminishes the life of the valves, filters, steam jackets and other ancillary equipment.
Mott High Purity Steam Filters prevent SIP systems from being contaminated and help increase the life of adjoining equipment.

Mott High Purity Steam Filters incorporate sintered porous stainless steel filter media that ensures the effective retention of particles. The 316LSS filter elements provide excellent chemical resistance and mechanical stability due to their special design. Using Mott High Purity Steam Filters can considerably reduce the post-filtration costs of your system.

Cartridge Features
  • Porous sintered stainless steel construction
  • High flow rate with low differential pressure
  • High mechanical stability
  • High temperature range
  • Available in media grades 10, 20, and 40μm
  • Welded end caps either flat end or centering cone
  • 226 with locking flanges or 222 adapters with double "O" ring

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