All-Metal Multitube Gas Filters

All-Metal Filters Ideal for Oxygen Service
Process engineers in the biotech industry are increasingly turning to enrichment techniques to increase oxygen mass transfer and maximize cell growth.
Oxygen enrichment techniques in bioreactor systems can lead to safety challenges because elevated levels of oxygen in bioreactor airflows can increase the risk of spontaneous ignition of conventional air sterilizing filter materials like PTFE. Based on studies by an independent gas association, the use of filters with nickel elements greatly reduces the safety hazards associated with adiabatic pressure release and spontaneous ignition of oxygen systems. Mott Corporation's High Purity Segment is the first to offer a gas filter cartridge utilizing this robust and effective media.
The filter membrane is constructed of Nickel 200 material, a widely used material that is the least likely to ignite in the presence of elevated or pure oxygen levels. The 316LSS adapter and end-cap materials minimize combustibility compared to PTFE or polypropylene, a common material of construction in other gas filters.
The Mott Nickel porous filter media was evaluated by the European Industrial Gas Associations (EIGA) and found to be the least likely material to ignite in the presence of pure oxygen or enhanced oxygen levels.
Mott High Purity all-metal filter cartridges are designed to remove particles and biomass from air and gas streams. Made with Mott Penta® Nickel media and 316LSS hardware, these filter cartridges provide filtration levels down to 0.003μm in gases. They include standard 226 double o-ring style adapters for easy retrofit into existing filter housings.
Other Metal Filter Membranes Available
Mott metal filter cartridges are available in all 316LSS, Hastelloy® C-22, Monel® and Nickel 200. Mott High Purity all-metal filter cartridges are designed developed and manufactured in accordance with ISO-9001 quality systems standards.
Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Haynes International, Inc.
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